Mobile Activity in Your Facility For 50+ People

Escape Rooms are now Mobile
For Large Groups Of 50-100 People

Team Work Experience
The next generation of team building activities right at your door steps.

The real-world quest game / escape room that has already conquered the hearts of millions of people in the Europe, Australia, Russia, Japan and China is finally coming to your facility!

We offer quest games, in your office or facility of your choice, combining collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, exploration, and lots of fun! (Service is offered to groups of 50-100 people)
Our activity ensures an EXPERIENCE that no other place can offer.


prices mobile activity: 65$ per person

*The Activity Time Is Around 2 Hours

*We offer catering options from local restaurants




The most effective tool for team successes and professional leadership

The game is a reflection of the real society interactions. Lately many organizations choose to combine various games in their training systems, especially to form and educate managers. The escape rooms became perfect tool and desired option to do  that.

The gamers are immersed in the situations mixing fiction and reality.

Currently companies frequently use games as means to evaluate candidates during hiring process. The goal is to test interpersonal skills that are not necessarily expressed in a one-on-one interview.

The games are also used to build teams and promote cooperation between team members and greatly contribute to the improvement of staff work, the efficiency of the employees, and the integration of new employees. Enables an examination of work under pressure, resourcefulness, cooperation and creative thinking.

During the course of the activity, an organizational manager / consultant will be allowed to sit in our control room to observe the work of the teams.



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