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Escape Room – the latest trend for Team Building Events

Looking for a unique and exciting attraction?Want to give your employees an extraordinary team building activity? One in which they could both enjoy and work together as a team?

PLAY LIVE ESCAPE invites you to an unusual activity in which everyone will have to work together, move the wheels in the brain, think outside the box (or outside the room) and hope that together you will succeed in cracking the mission in 60 minutes …

“PLAY LIVE ESCAPE”  is one of the most challenging and professional escape rooms in California. More and more companies are choosing to hold their events here at “PLAY LIVE ESCAPE” and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Playing in an escape room usually takes an hour and from the moment you enter the  room,  the clock starts to tick. The mission  of the group is to find its way out of the locked room before the time runs out. The escape room consists  a story of mysteries and riddles are part of it, which puts the participants into a turbulent and exciting plot in seconds. The plot might be, for example: “You have an hour to find the bomb that will blow up the entire city if you do not neutralize it in time.” In this task, the participants must undergo many challenges and complex puzzles until they reach the bomb.


In “PLAY LIVE ESCAPE, the teams will complete tasks that cannot be done alone, such as work in a company. In addition, the escape room fulfills all the stories and fantasies you have always wanted to experience in real life.

At “PLAY LIVE ESCAPE” you will find four escape rooms , fascinating adventures and a talented team of employees to lead you through an unforgettable Escape Room experience. If you are looking to organize a team building activity in Silicon Valley and the surrounding area, you are welcome to contact us.




  • *The facility can accommodate up to 40 people playing simultaneously.



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