Looking for a unique and different way to celebrate a Birthday? Why not celebrate your Birthday with us and turn your birthday from an ordinary event to an extraordinary event!

An Escape Room is an exciting way to celebrate a birthday or any special event. You are in a locked room, and they need to get out within a limited time frame (usually an hour). Inside the room the group is trying to solve mysteries and complete tasks that lead to completing a mission and way of escaping from the room. Our team game masters watch in room cameras to help and monitor the game, and make sure everyone is having fun!

Play Live Escape offers escape rooms that are suitable for any age. Our Wizards Escape Room is great introduction for children ages 9-12 or anyone how has never experienced and escape room. The Police Escape Room is a favorite with kids 13 on up, and is our most popular room with adults.

We can tailor a special birthday event by taking your gifts for your special person, and hiding them throughout the game, making solving a puzzle a very special moment!

It is important to know that an adult must accompany children under the age of 14 during their participation in the escape room and entry for children under the age of six is free of charge. Please contact us if you are interested in an experience you will not forget!

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