Birthday Party


Nowadays, birthdays for children are not just  a chocolate cake, a few candles and a clown. Today children are looking for a serious show with reference to the smallest details, including exciting activities and attractions.

Children dream of being the characters of the films they watch and the books they read. They want to be detectives, pirates, cops, magicians, or superheroes, solve puzzles and save the world.

Escape Room can fulfill your children’s greatest fantasies. This is a locked room that needs to be run away within a limited time frame (usually an hour). Inside the room the group is trying to solve mysteries and complete tasks that lead  step by step to the way of escaping from the room, before time is over. Our team watch the cameras  to make sure that no one is hurt or violates the rules and of course everyone enjoys. The escape room is built around some exciting theme, such as a popular children’s series or action movie. The player in Escape Room enters virtual reality, which becomes an inseparable part of the plot of his favorite story.

If you are looking for an interesting idea for birthdays for children you can stop looking! In the “PLAY LIVE ESCAPE”  you can find four different escape rooms , each offering a different experience that will turn the birthdays of children  into an unforgettable experience.

It is important to know that children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during their participation in the escape room and entry for children under the age of five is free of charge. We are here to fulfill your children’s dream and organize the birthday they always imagined!  Contact us if you are interested in an experience you will not forget!

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