Pegasus Project

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Welcome Agents of W.I.S.E. Your mission: Investigate the evil schemes of Spider Technologies and get access to the secret plans of The Pegasus Project!

A few months ago three scientists from international research facility “Spider Tech” mysteriously died in an incident officially classed as an accident. We believe this to be a cover up and sent one of our agents in to investigate. However, we have not heard from our agent in days and believe him to be in serious trouble. We need you to infiltrate Spider Tech headquarters and find out what happened to our agent, and what the Spider Tech facility is hiding. The fate of the world could rest in your hands.

Version: Online Only (Mobile devices not supported)

Time: 60 to 90 min

Difficulty: Medium

Price: $60 per Entrance Pass   (Allows up to 6 people to play)

Players: 1-6    (For larger groups
please call for scheduling)