Virtual Team Building with Online Escape Games

Remote teams often face a unique set of challenges. For those who are not used to working remotely for months on end, the walls are starting to close in and people are feeling the stress and strain of being stuck at home. Those with families at home often see the boundaries of Work and Home life begin to blur, creating more challenges and stress. As the Corona virus has largely paralyzed public life, how can companies help their employees overcome these feelings of isolation and loneliness? More and more companies are turning to Virtual Team building events to help suppress those negative feelings and reinforce the connection, camaraderie and shared team identity that all amazing teams share.

How Does Virtual Team Building Work?

Virtual team building starts with small actions. People take pictures of their desks and share the photos in a group chat or take part in quizzes. While these things tend to act more as icebreakers for virtual teams, they don’t necessarily promote teamwork skills like problem solving and communication. That’s because the team doesn’t learn how to really work together effectively. So even though the small actions bring the team together, they cannot replace the effect of a real team-building event. Virtual team building games must meet the same requirements as games in which all participants are assembled on site: They must be fun, bring colleagues together and encourage collaboration. Often team building exercises consist of a task to be solved together with a measurable result. One example is building a raft together. Since this is out of the question for remote teams, other solutions are needed.

At Play Live Escape we’ve been thinking about how we can meet the increasing need for remote team building. Which activities can be offered to remote teams that really meet the requirements for a good team event? In conjunction with Cluetivity, we are very happy to present The Pegasus Project, a brand-new Online Escape Game for Remote Teams!

Companies can use The Pegasus Project for Remote Teams – no matter how many places their employees are located. Just like in an Escape Room, virtual escape games can provide a solution; through hidden clues, unexpected turns, twists and communication, team members can work together to enjoy this thrilling and unique experience. With employees needing to feel connected more than ever, it’s the experiences they share that help them get through each day.

Reduce Costs Through Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building grants companies several advantages. With activities for remote teams there are neither travel expenses nor time lost due to travelling – because each participant plays from home. Compared to traditional team building events, companies save a lot of money.

Companies that rely on virtual teams also benefit from the abilities of their employees in other areas:

  • Virtual team building promotes cooperation through more trust and motivation.
  • The remote teams learn to use communication tools such as Slack, Zoom etc. more efficiently.
  • Virtual teams feel connected more closely to the company.

Team building activities for remote employees therefore pay off on several levels.

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