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Wizard’s Castle

Game Time

60 min

Number Of Players


Difficulty Level



Age 6 - 99 Adult required for kids under 14y*

Wizard Castle






Imagine, you and your friends sneak into a medieval castle , where a wizard has hidden 5 magical cards that can break the spell and help you escape.


prices: 30$ per person

Escape from Wizard’s Castle


To book your room in front of you 3 simple steps:

  1. Please select a date from the calendar.
  2. Please select the activity time (the activity takes 60 minutes).
  3. If you have a promo code , please enter at the promo code field .
  4. Please enter the required details.
  5.  Escape rooms can be closed for events. For more information for booking for bigger groups 15+, please contact us by phone.



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